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We reward your loyalty! Register now and collect S+ Points!

How does SolPlus work?

Collect S+ Points

Earn S+ Points when you buy Solplanet products and redeem for rewards.

Redeem S+ Points

Benefit from exclusive offers and attractive advantages.

Level up

Earn S+ Points and increase your membership level. Become a K+, M+ or G+ member and unlock even more benefits.


Hottest Rewards
500 S+

Sign up reward: 500 S+ Points

Hottest Rewards

K+ Member

Earn 1,000 S+ Points and become a K+ member. Receive an additional 500 S+ Points.

Hottest Rewards

M+ Member

Earn 1 Million S+ Points and become an M+ Member.

Hottest Rewards

G+ Member

Earn 1 Billion S+ Points and become a G+ member.


Who can join SolPlus?

SolPlus is Solplanet's loyalty program for installers! Solplanet allows solar and electrical installation companies to register with SolPlus, earn S+ Points by purchasing Solplanet products and benefit from exclusive advantages and rewards.

Who can join SolPlus?
Hottest Rewards


How to collect S+ Points?

Collect S+ Points for almost every transaction and interaction with Solplanet. Most S+ Points are collected for registering Solplanet products you have installed on the SolPlus website. You can also collect S+ Points for just signing up to SolPlus, attending Solplanet trainings and webinars, visiting the Solplanet exhibition booth and more.


We reward your loyalty.

The SolPlus program rewards solar installers for purchasing Solplanet products. Purchased Solplanet products can be registered through a SolPlus account and the accumulated S+ Points redeemed. Receive free products, special training, visit the Solplanet Gigafactory in China and much more.

Hottest Rewards

Membership levels benefits

K+M+M+ (50)M+ (250)G+
Collect S+ Points by registering your Solplanet products
Redeem S+ Points to receive Solplanet rewards
Gain double S+ Points per each installed Solplanet product
Receive a yearly invite to Solplanet in-person training
Download the digital marketing package for Solplanet Premium Installers
Receive a free invite to events organized by Solplanet
On-demand Solplanet team visit your installations
Receive yearly marketing package by post for Solplanet Premium Installers
Promotion in Solplanet website as Premium Installers
Solplanet factory visit

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